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Well that's where I belong

& you belong with me.


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hold tight,
it's just beginning

Pixie-thing: In my dreams I feel pain, I want to be a film maker and a published novelist. I love fiercely. I am passionate. I make silly faces constantly. I have ink stains on my mattress. I want to go to university in england and hold hands with a very tall boy and make him laugh.

♥ Russell, animals, cartoons, strange twisted films and novels, sylvia plath, ts eliot, music of many different types, hot cocoa, croissants, sushi, painting, writing, staying up late, black eyeliner, newly fallen snow, dreams, hand written letters, hand written journals, holding hands, traveling.

the header on my journal is made by me and of a photo of myself I took. Steal and be doomed. ;) brushes by teh_indy & vbrush

photos x icons

i'm in gryffindor!

______, a stinkerbelle, alice socks, anna txts, azure ray, being his pixie, carnival lights, cobblestone walkways, cocorosie, collarbones, different ways to see, dream heavy, dream sharing, eloise, england, evil villians, faerie tales, giggling snuggles, goodluck driving partner, guinness, half-dreaming, happy pandas, harry & the potters, india, intense dream states, jack the ripper, johnny cash, johnny depp, journal love, kissing warm tears, mixmatched socks, monkey pajamas, moon kisses, my russell bear, naked under sheets, not capitalizing, ocean sisters, paris, pauline dreamqueen, platform 9 3/4, pooh bear ears, puzzles, roald dahl, running away, russell, seaweed, secret histories, stick it to dolores, strange collections, strange dreams, strange endings in books, sushi, sylvia's madness, thai curry, the scent of skin, the sea, touching skin, vanilla, vintage photographs, vintage photos, white oleander = bible, white rabbit postcards, will you marry it